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Centre driving out Gujjar-Bakerwals from Jammu and Kashmir, alleges former CM Mehbooba Mufti


In a scathing assault on the middle, former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti on Monday (November 17) stated that the federal government is making an attempt to hound the depressed communities of Jammu and Kashmir. She added that the precise displacement of Kashmiris has began most sadly with the forcible eviction of ‘Gujjars and Bakerwals’ from their pastures.

“The Gujajrs have been using log and mud sheds in pasture lands since times immemorial during the grazing season. They are part of the forest and our environment. Sadly, a drive has been launched to demolish these structures which they use as temporary shelters during summers. Their families have been harassed, using strong arm methods where in desperation they wanted to resist their main support to their livelihood. Does this mean that these nomadic tribes can no longer go to pastures? Is that the Part 2 of this displacement scheme? Who do they intend to sell the forest land to ?, ”requested the previous Chief Minister.

Mehbooba asserted that as already reported within the media, the federal government has requisitioned – 24 hundreds kanals of forest land for organising industries there. According to Mehbooba, that shall be a catastrophe for not solely the Forests and atmosphere but additionally trigger within the Gujjar neighborhood being rendered homeless. “While hundreds of new provisions of laws have been introduced without any consultation with local stakeholders and mostly not beneficial to us, the few laws that could result in some benefit to the residents to the state are not being implemented. One of them is the Forest Act of 2006, which could provide a legal framework for Gujjar and Bakarwal rights on Forest land. Similarly, while lands are being requisitioned in bulk, the Central Land Acquisition Act is not being implemented, so that the landholders of J&K do not receive any benefit therefrom, ”Mehbooba stated.

The PDP chief added that the unlawful and immoral assault on Gujjar and Bakarwal inhabitants is a wake-up name for all of us and that the dislocation has begun with them and it’ll hit all of us. “I call upon the government to immediately stop this illegal encroachment and harassment of a marginalized and most vulnerable community, who will do everything to peacefully resist this and defend their rights,” she stated.

Mehbooba stated that August 5, 2019 was not an occasion however starting of a technique of full disempowerment and displacement of the individuals of J&Ok and that the method has been unfolding in components with many of the new legal guidelines focusing on land, assets and inhabitants of J&Ok and Ladakh. Every facet of our life is threatened. “The new domicile legal guidelines have opened a flood gate of not simply bona fide entrance however for a deliberate mass inflow of various sorts of individuals which its planners may very well be a part of its strategic administration of the Muslim majority state.

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She stated, “You have already given 24 thousand kanals of land for the trade, its our forest, and at the moment you need to give this to people who find themselves their associates from whom they get the funds. They need to preserve the land of Jammu and Kashmir on sale. “

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