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‘Jessica, we are live’: Excruciating on-air gaffe goes viral


Luckily for many of us, our office squabbles aren’t often broadcast stay to a viewing nation or seen by tens of millions of web customers worldwide.

Two presenters on Namibia’s flagship broadcaster have gone viral after their excruciatingly awkward change was seen stay on air.

The argument started when information anchor Elmarie Kapunda threw to her colleague Jessica Kaimu for a sports activities phase.

Kapunda went on to introduce the phase additional, earlier than Kaimu lower her off: No, you are not going to try this. You’re simply going to greet me, and say, ‘take it away,'” she said.

“Jessica, we’re stay,” Kapunda replied — prompting a cringe-inducing silence between the pair, which neither presenter dares break. They are ultimately saved by the news program’s graphics, which pop up out of nowhere to put them and the viewing public out of their misery.

But unfortunately for Kapunda and Kaimu, a Twitter user captured the moment and their tweet went viral.

Now, several people online — and even the presenters of a South African news program — have recreated the moment.

The faux pas took place on the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation network (NBC).

Lazarus Jacobs, the chairperson of the community’s board, advised CNN: “Unfortunately for the sports activities presenter, I do not know what occurred in her earpiece, (however) she didn’t understand she was on air. What folks heard and noticed was one thing that was alleged to occur behind the scenes.”

Nonetheless, the phrase “Jessica, we’re stay” has gone viral throughout Namibia, South Africa and beyond, with online users expressing shock and support for the newsreaders. Many assumed the two newsreaders had been disagreeing off-air, with some taking sides in the perceived debate.

“Who was mistaken on the ‘Jessica we’re stay’ day?” one user asked in a viral tweet, imagining the question to appear on Namibian history tests in two decades’ time.

“Finally Namibia has a Celebrity and her identify is Jessica. The entire of Africa is celebrating her like Madiba,” another added.

But Jacobs told CNN: “There was no disagreement of any kind. The two women are good colleagues (and) final evening they’d a stay chat the place they’d snort about it.”

“Once you understand that you’re on the air and you’ve got stated one thing that is likely to be inappropriate for the viewer, you mainly freeze,” Jacobs said, adding that the pair have agreed to take part in on-air training but dismissing reports in local media that they would be removed from their positions.

“I personally spoke to the 2 women to reassure them their job safety isn’t in jeopardy. This was an sincere mistake, it might occur to anyone,” Jacobs advised CNN.

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