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Socialism to wed Mamata Banerjee in the presence of Communism, Leninism


Marxism will likely be current on the perform.

The marriage ceremony of Socialism with Mamata Banerjee, within the presence of Communism and Leninism, this weekend is the discuss of the city in Salem. The marriage ceremony invitation has gone viral on social media.

Socialism is the son of A. Mohan, district secretary of the Communist Party of India (CPI). The bride hails from a household of Congress supporters.

Mr. Mohan named his sons after the left ideologies. His first son is known as Communism, the second Leninism and the third Socialism.

Mr. Mohan grew up in a communist household and have become a full-time employee of the CPI. When his spouse was carrying their first son, the Soviet Union disintegrated. Many commented that communism was lifeless. This upset Mr. Mohan.

He mentioned, “In 1991, when the Soviet Union broke up, reports were published that communism had come to an end. My wife was pregnant and I was determined to name my first child Communism if it was a son. Communism will not die until the human race exists. Hence, my first son was named so. My second son was named Leninism in memory of Lenin. Communism has to be established for socialism to take shape…”

He added that his grandson’s name is Marxism, and these names are quite common at his place.

“These names may sound new to the outer world, but it is quite common here. Around 60 years ago, senior comrades here had such names. The names of communist countries and leaders — such as Moscow, Russia, Vietnam, Bupesh Gupta, Jeevanandham, Venmani and Czechoslovakia — were given to comrades here. My children were named similarly.”

Ms. Mamata Banerjee is an in depth relative of Mr. Mohan’s household. She was named after the West Bengal Chief Minister when she was a member of the Congress. The marriage ceremony has been scheduled for June 13.


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